Outsider in the North

How to catalog collaborative practices in the artistic context? If we understand that such practices emerge from an interest in the social, we find a type of art with a functionality and an interest to influence contexts outside the implicit; Being able to see the definition of Outsider as an instrumentalization capable of visualizing a perspective outside of the established; more.

Insubordination of bodies

In the heat of critical discussions on labor, value and alienation, Paul Lafargue denounced the repressive imperative of work, the all-invading and foundational basis for modern capitalist economies. He manifestes the necessity of establishing the right to laziness, situating this right outside of capitalist exploitation and apparatus of discipline: “to work but three hours a day, reserving the rest of more.

strategies to minimize the error

“Strategies to minimize the error” - Dumpster-diving tactical action planning for a citizen hacker is a collective and intergenerational practice of social production and reproduction. With this project we are making a recipe for dumpster-diving. In the recipe we describe all necessary steps one needs to know to locate the food surplus commonly found in the containers of the supermarkets. more.

Artist menu

From the series Kitchen Dialogues, Artist Menu is a new chapter of a long term project dealing with creating communities/practices of socialisation by means of food sharing and cooking. The aim of the intervention is to explore the possibilities of creating a new social ecosystem. Through this action, we have maped the art scene in Bratislava. For a period of more.

morning glory

"More than supra/ a draft prepared for failure" or more populary called "Morning Glory" is community related project that took form through a series of morning activities where we invited the audience to dance and have breakfast before starting the working day. Following the idea of creating a social space outside of consumption, where people could meet, experience, undertake an more.

Bed & Breakfast

Bed & breakfast is another event of Kitchen Dialogues project, that took place in MeetFactory in collaboration with the 2015 Prague Quadrennial. Creating a social and cultural environment in our 100 square meter studio with modules/bedrooms built with recycled wood made it unique, warm and cosy, without forgetting all modern amenities. We offered accomodation to registred guests (max 12 per more.

Do It YourSelf

Kitchen dialogues come from the idea of lounging around the kitchen outside of the consumption system through the alternative of creating various social interactions. The project aims to change consumer sensory intellectual concept of overproduction of food from supermarkets. Apart of that, we also like to focus on another aspect of the project, which involves transport/ smuggling of waste though, Europe. more.

Kitchen Dialogues

a series of environmental actions in the kitchen

This project aims to change consumer sensory intellectual concept of overproduction of food from supermarkets. In this occasion we will present food series of environmental actions in the kitchen around the theme of food surplus. We are interested in investigating the social changes among the common home environment meeting place called domestic kitchen more.

The Protester

This sound documentation presents an urban intervention, which took place in Malmö on the 29th of March, 2012, between 12pm -2pm.

Through a powerful sound system installed in a danish van used for demonstration in Copenhagen, we drove through the city projecting the sound of a crowd. “The Protest” started in Möllevångstorget and proceeded towards Triangeln, Föreningsgatan, Amiralsgatan and then surrounded more.

Utopic topic

Utopic topic, is a context specific performance, whose purpose is to create through disinhibition, the interruption of the automated human behavior in private spaces encouraged to binge. In this context, the experience of disinhibition we carried Contemplating, perceives the confrontation as a tool for compulsive consumption through aesthetic experience. In this way we create new sensory experiences in private spaces, more.


“It occurred to me that one should reverse the application of loudspeakers so that they would not merely reproduce sound but actually produce sound. The idea is based on taking any number of fixed materials and transmitting sound through them; through their resonance frequencies they become a new instrument”, wrote Tudor.

This is newly interpreted work under the direction of Canadian more.


Is an audio-visual performance based in the audiovisual installation “E”, where we create an open hardware by the use of the basic 3rd generation hardware, capable of process into sound the energy contained in fruits and vegetables, discarded by supermarkets, through an electrochemical reaction.

Shows the electrochemical reaction, which is generated by inserting two different metallic objects, copper and zinc, in more.

Made From Waste / Installation / E


Our art work incribes in the conceptual and / or aesthetic field within artistic practices, somewhere between art and social activism, helping to develop critical devices that help us to socialize with the problems that exist in our society with rejected products by current models of production and consumption, which produces a new terrain.

We create an open hardware by the more.

Made From Waste / Performance / Noise and Fruit

Noise and Fruit

Noise and Fruit comes up from the need to think as an individual subject on the problems of current patterns of production and consumption. This body action is a specific device  of criticism and protest, which appropriates any iconographic sign of the culinary culture, reinterpreting and altering it, setting new imaginary with fruit and vegetables at optimum quality, which has more.