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The Migrant Assembly BOOK

The Migrant Assembly, the collaborative project of Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen together with the curator María Alejandra Gatti is a device for encounters that articulates people, projects, spaces and temporalities for opening up and making visible to the community the experiences and realities of migrants. The project questions and problematizes concepts such as border, identity, territory and community.
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Kitchen Dialogues Book

Kitchen Dialogues, the collaborative project of Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen consists of a body of work around the notions of value and power that govern politics in the economic and social spheres.
Authors: Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen
Editor: MaryClaire Pappas
Co-editors: Martinka Bobrikova & Oscar de Carmen
Graphic Design and Layout: Aurelia Garová
Cover Design and Illustration: Aurelia Garová
Illustrations: Oscar de Carmen
Coordinator: Petra ...read more.

Residencies Exchange publication

The publication Residencies Exchange aims to show the increasing diversity of the currently existent artist residencies. In this scenario, the dialogue between its organizers is essential to enable mutual learning and improvement, weighing in a critical way the work itself. Through this compendium of texts and dialogues, “Residencies Exchange” delves into issues around 4 key concepts in the frame of ...read more.

Outsider booklet

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Ya-Mae booklet

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Nostalgia for the Future

Hwang Rok-Ju (Curator, Gyeonggi Cultural Foundation), May 2017

Insubordination of bodies text

In the heat of critical discussions on labor, value and alienation, Paul Lafargue denounced the repressive imperative of work, the all-invading and foundational basis for modern capitalist economies. He manifestes the necessity of establishing the right to laziness, situating this right outside of capitalist exploitation and apparatus of discipline: “to work but three hours a day, reserving the rest of ...read more.

text RAM

In the second instalment of Bobrikova & de Carmen’s “Living in the beginning of times, 59.923885, 10.758991 / 10.17”, this time at Galleri RAM in Oslo, the multi-temporal experimentation with site-specificity that they introduced in Skien returns, but with some added insights and strategies.1 Specifically, they take on the temporality of plastic and its embeddedness in already existing human and ...read more.