Urban Intervention

The Migrant Assembly #4

UNITED BY PING-PONG was the title of the 4th public event within The Migrant Assembly at the square of Schous Plass, in the heart of Grünerløkka. The event was be organised as a ping-pong tournament for and by the community of Oslo Streetpingpong. The event followed the basic interaction of the ping pong game, through direct meetings between the players/contributors, ...read more.

The Migrant Assembly #3

Round Table Cooking: The Neighbourhood Meeting was the title for a public event in Oslo, Tøyen, in the small park at the end of Håkan’s gate. The event was organised as a neighbourhood meeting on a Sunday afternoon. The event was based on cooking a soup together, where each guest contributes one ingredient, typical or special for our “neighborhood soup”. ...read more.

The Migrant Assembly #2

Reunion of memories: A read assembly hosting “Reunión”, a project by Dani Zelko with local Oslo guests: Ekaterina Sharova, Liv Brissach, Maritea Dæhlin, Sarakka Gaup, Ihra Lill Scharning, Yildiz Yalcin in collaboration with curator Maria Alejandra Gatti.
REUNION is composed of various acts that involve conversation, reading and writing: daily actions –though at the same time out of the ordinary- ...read more.

The Migrant Assembly #1

PARTICIPATORY IMAGINARIES FOR REST AND THE FUTURE OF RETIREMENT was a one-day assembly in public space focusing on interrogating the current retirement policies for Norway’s artists. In particular for nonEU/EEA artists living and working in the country as professionals who lack the right to a ‘patchwork economy’—that is the impossibility of having multiple and diverse sources of income beyond the ...read more.

Deconstructing an explicit content

Although we usually avoid looking at waste as the natural resources we are exploiting, we are all causing environmental destruction. Most of us appeal to an immersion in the nature as an escape route from the city, towards a type of landscape that often has to do with visualizing a natural paradise where the hand of man is not perceived.
The ...read more.


We started from the idea of developing, in the allocated area, a series of spaces where the management of various human activities cause the least possible impact on other species and on the terrain itself; Posing a unique area of coexistence and confluence, a matrix for the world through an alliance between art and biocentrism, where the collective practice of ...read more.

strategies to minimize the error

“Strategies to minimize the error” - Dumpster-diving tactical action planning for a citizen hacker is a collective and intergenerational practice of social production and reproduction. With this project we are making a recipe for dumpster-diving. In the recipe we describe all necessary steps one needs to know to locate the food surplus commonly found in the containers of the supermarkets. ...read more.

1000 bottles of tap water

Norway has the second best quality of tap water in the world, provided for its citizens. A few years ago, a report on Norwegian television questioned the source of water used by the luxury bottled Voss brand. Supposedly these uniquely designed bottles are filled with water from the urban network, the same one that caters the city of Iveland. 1000 ...read more.

Do It YourSelf

Kitchen dialogues come from the idea of lounging around the kitchen outside of the consumption system through the alternative of creating various social interactions. The project aims to change consumer sensory intellectual concept of overproduction of food from supermarkets. Apart of that, we also like to focus on another aspect of the project, which involves transport/ smuggling of waste though, Europe. ...read more.

The Protester

This sound documentation presents an urban intervention, which took place in Malmö on the 29th of March, 2012, between 12pm -2pm.

Through a powerful sound system installed in a danish van used for demonstration in Copenhagen, we drove through the city projecting the sound of a crowd. “The Protest” started in Möllevångstorget and proceeded towards Triangeln, Föreningsgatan, Amiralsgatan and then surrounded ...read more.

Made From Waste / Urban Intervention / 36 Grocery

36 Grocery

36 groceries questions enhancement and development, current production models and existing consumption in the first world. Market strategies no consistent with the sustainability of our natural resources.

The current laws and prosecutions of the control of food quality within international agencies and government policies, require the food companies, food logistic parks and supermarkets to scrap food products containing any deterioration in its ...read more.