Outsider in the North

How to catalog collaborative practices in the artistic context? If we understand that such practices emerge from an interest in the social, we find a type of art with a functionality and an interest to influence contexts outside the implicit; Being able to see the definition of Outsider as an instrumentalization capable of visualizing a perspective outside of the established; more.

spanish (r)evolution

The video installation "spanish (r)evolution" shows how the roots of the participation of Spanish society to the disagreement of the established power system derives historically from the popular festivities in Spain; where libertarian and creative side emerged within them was the only legal form of public protest.

The aim of the piece is to generate an audible narrative that emulates the sound more.

you have to go right now!

In this work the intention is not to create an object to observe, but to involve the public in an action that may be remembered. This opens a new stage in our production, with more social character in our personal work.

The work's title refers to a conversation between the artists and the manager of a supermarket, after they collected of food more.

Tbilisi, 25.10.2010 17:50

The video shows the eco-action / eco-intervention undertaken by us at the central market of Tbilisi. It questions enhancement and development, current production models and existing consumption of the society.

Showen in Center of Contemporary Art – Tbilisi as a part of collectieve show Transit, 2010.

Made From Waste / Installation / TV1


The installation displays an edited ready-made in small fragments of the performance Noise and fruits, projecting simultaneously on 13 television screens. Attributed to new narratives able to alter the signs and codes. The action of the Noise and Frits performance takes place in an interior space of 5 x 3 meters, not accesseble by the public, equipped with lighting and more.