kitchen dialogues

Welcome to the website of the new project “Kitchen Dialogues“.

The project is part of a group exhibition CONSTANT. DECAY. organized by Rake visnigrom and located in one of the apartments of the building set to be torn down.  We are offering every evening 3-courses dinner to 12 people in a private home. “Kitchen Dialogues” aims to change consumer sensory intellectual concept of overproduction of food from supermarkets. In this occasion we are presenting series of environmental food actions in the kitchen around the theme of food surplus.
We are interested in investigating the social changes among the common home environment meeting place called domestic kitchen and the meeting around the industrial kitchen in relation to the consumption of food surplus.
The private restaurant is in this moment located in Trondheim. The private restaurant/ home setting was build by Heim og Land arkitekter and will take place in Elgesetergate 30b between 5th October and 31th October 2013.

book the dinner here